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CeramiCircuit™ electric heaters work well in commercial settings. Whether you’re remodeling an office space or looking to selectively heat a cold spot or problem area, radiant heat can help you achieve the comfortable working environment you desire. Our radiant electric heaters are energy efficient and cost effective.

Customer Reviews

After 20 years of inadequate heat, the Lay-In panels are a perfect solution. With an office in an older high rise building without energy efficient glass, there were few good options. The Lay-in panels hidden in the ceiling provide a supplemental source of instant, comfortable and silent heat. Highly recommended to improve room comfort.

Some of the many possible uses:

  • Entryways or vestibules
  • Hallways and stairwells
  • Reception areas
  • Cold offices and near windows
  • Individual cubicles
  • Supplement to heat pumps