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Radiant Electric Heat is located in Bedford Heights, Ohio. We are the manufacturer of CeramiCircuitTM radiant panels. We produce a number of radiant models, including our Lay-in Celling panel, our Cove Mounted panel, and our Surface Mounted Ceiling panel. Our panels work well as the primary source of heat in a space, as well as in spot heating applications. End users often use the panels as a supplement to VRF’s and other HVAC systems.

The CeramiCircuitTM element stores thermal energy (heat) in its core and continues to release heat after cycling off. The element produces as much heat energy in the 10 minutes after it has powered down as competing units project while fully charged. The element emits a 52% downward radiant output advantage over competing products, allowing for a quicker recovery of comfort set points and a lower cost of operation. All hardwired heaters come with a 10-year warranty.

CeramiCircuit VS The Competition

The image above is our 632 Cove model with a 585 watt CeramiCircuitTM heating element. The element contains a highly emissive porcelain coated carbon steel emitter and is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Below is a competitor’s heater, which is powered by a 600 watt calrod element. The element is enclosed in an inexpensive and poorly emissive aluminum emitter with a 1-year warranty, which produces an average surface temperature of 219.2oF. Our 632 Cove model (pictured left) has an average surface temperature of 312.4oF, with a 4.2% larger emitting surface and 2.5% lower electrical draw. When measuring our 632 Cove model with the competing element, our CeramiCircuitTM  element has a 52% efficiency advantage.



Specify our CeramiCircuitTM Lay-in Ceiling panel with confidence. Our Lay-in panel is the only Armstrong TechZoneTM Ceiling Systems approved partner for radiant heating solutions. To save you time, we’ve teamed with the industry leader, Armstrong, to assure fit and finish. There’s no need to research fixture compatibility for your ceiling layout. Our heating panels fit seamlessly into the Armstrong TechZone Ceiling, helping you create a custom visual. Contact us today to see how using CeramiCircuitTM with Armstrong can make specification and installation easy, reducing time and labor cost. For more information on Armstrong TechZoneTM Ceiling Systems please visit: Armstrong TechzoneTM.