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CeramiCircuit provides superior thermal transfer and storage. Our highly emissive porcelain surface combined with our exclusive ceramic circuit delivers 52% greater downward radiant output. The carbon steel core provides as much heat energy for up to 10 minutes after power down compared to competing panels drawing at full power.

Supplements VRF and Other HVAC Systems

Radiates Heat After Cycling Off

Emits 52% Greater Downward Radiant Output Than Competitors

Recovers Faster for Lower Cost of Operation

Covered by a 10-year Warranty

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The comfort of CeramiCircuit fits anywhere

Our quick-response, clean, quiet, and even heat creates more comfort at lower temperatures for any commercial, institutional, or residential heating application.


Find the Right Source of Heat

Our products offer simple integration with ceiling systems, come in standard colors, and can be installed as spot heaters to address individual comfort areas, optimizing any room temperature.

CeramiCircuit vs The Competition


Our 585 watt Model 632C with its highly emissive CeramiCircuit™ porcelain-coated carbon steel emitter achieves an average surface temperature of 312.4°F. Factor in a 4.2% larger emitting surface and 2.5% lower electrical draw and it results in a 52% efficiency advantage over competitors—all with a 10-year warranty.

The Competition

Powered by a 600-watt calrod element, the competitor’s heater is enclosed in an inexpensive and poorly emissive aluminum emitter, producing an average surface temperature of 219.2°F. And only offers a 1-year warranty.