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REH’s panel solution to clean, green heating

Radiant Electric Heat leads the shift from fossil-fuel sourced HVAC systems to electric heating alternatives. We offer engineers across industries a simple way to increase efficiency, enhance sustainability, and improve indoor air quality with our one-of-a-kind radiant panels. The following articles highlight the issues facing engineers in the HVAC industry today and how REH provides solutions.

Conventional methods of heating and cooling increase air circulation but contribute to poor indoor air quality. However, supplementing or replacing a traditional HVAC system with a radiant heating system can improve indoor air quality and decrease the risk of airborne infection.
Electricity plays a major role in the push for dependence on renewable energy and the development of net zero energy buildings. Radiant heating systems are electrically powered and nullify the need for traditional energy sources. They are instrumental to adaptation and renewable sources of energy.
VRF system HVAC is considered the top-of-the-line setup for electric heating and cooling—until the temperature drops. Cold climates impair VRF system functionality. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to boost the performance of VRF systems in commercial buildings and other structures.
There’s more than heat to consider when creating a comfortable environment. A different balance of heating, cooling, air flow, ventilation, and more is necessary for the comfort of every person in a space. Including radiant panels in traditional or VRF system HVAC makes it possible to deliver individualized comfort to all.

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