Our Satisfied Customers

Marcia B. Blackburg, VA

I’m writing to tell you that we are very pleased with the radiant heaters we bought from you. Before these heaters, we were unable to heat our upstairs [master] bedroom and bathroom. Over the years, we had workers from three different heating companies try to solve the problem. Our registers and our cold air return are mounted high on the walls or in the ceiling, which is great for air conditioning, but not for heating. The warm air just never got down to our level. After talking to your sales people, we bought four units. We put two over the long counter in our bathroom. They radiate heat down on us when we are using the sinks and shower. The two bigger units are mounted just under the ceiling over our bed. They make the room comfortable for cuddling, even with a ceiling that slants upward to clerestory windows. Generally, we keep the units turned back so that our rooms stay at about sixty-five degrees. We turn up the temperature for about ten minutes before we want to spend time in the rooms and keep it up until we leave them. We pay for our heat on balanced billing, the same amount each month all year, and we have noticed no difference in our heating bills. We would definitely recommend these units. We just wish we had known about them sooner.

R.P. Cooperstown, NY

This heater (portable) has worked best for me out of the various types I’ve tried. Most important are its low usage cost and lack of odor and out-gassing.

C.F.D. Epping, ND

…no ‘fried dust’ phenomena or gassing off of chemicals intrinsic in other heating elements.

Janis R. Saskatchewan, Canada

We have had the cove ceramic radiant heaters installed in our home for over four winters. Saskatchewan, Canada, where we live, can get to -40° C during the winter and is even colder when there is a strong wind chill factor. All through the winters we have been toasty warm, and we very seldom set the heaters higher than 65-70° F. We love the quietness of the heaters and the “feel” of this type of energy. In conclusion, I want to thank you for developing such a fine product. We recommend the heaters highly.

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