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Radiant Heat vs Forced Air

Radiant Heat vs. Forced Air: Choosing A Heating System For Modern Homes, Offices, and Institutional Facilities

The crucial difference between forced-air and radiant heating is this: forced-air heating heats the air, radiant heating warms people and objects in the room directly. When home-owners and businesses choose a heating system, they consider ease and cost of installation,

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Electric Heating For Burn Units

Why Do Hospital Burn Units Use Infrared Radiant Heating?

Serious burns are among the most difficult injuries to treat. To successfully treat burn injuries, the environment in a hospital burn unit must be precisely controlled. Radiant heat (also known as infrared heat) emits infrared energy. Unlike traditional heating, radiant

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Electric Heating For Hot Yoga

Radiant Electric Heat Is Heating Up Hot Yoga

Radiant Electric Heat, a Bedford Heights, Ohio based manufacturer of CeramiCircuitTM infrared radiant electric heaters, has provided “state-of-the-art” heating systems for Hot Yoga Studios all over the world. Hot Yoga is a popular health regimen that has been sweeping the

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