CeramiCircuit 2’ x 2’ and 2’x4′ Lay-In Radiant Heating Panel

Radiant Electric Heat’s 2’x4’ Radiant Ceiling Panel is a powerful lay-in heating solution for rooms with drop ceilings. Lay-in infrared ceiling panels are an easy-to-install, economical, and effective heating solution for homes, offices, stores, commercial and institutional buildings, hot yoga studios and other athletic facilities. At 625 and 1250 Watts respectively, they are the most […]

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Radiant Heat vs. Forced Air: Choosing A Heating System for Modern Homes, Offices, and Institutional Facilities

The crucial difference between forced-air and radiant heating is this: forced-air heating heats the air, radiant heating warms people and objects in the room directly. When home owners and businesses choose a heating system, they consider ease and cost of installation, energy efficiency, the effectiveness of heating, and several other factors. Let’s have a look […]

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Radiant Heat is the Perfect Solution for Energy-Efficient Supplemental Heating

Contractors and heating suppliers use Radiant Electric Heat’s CeramiCircuit panels as a reliable supplemental heating solution in both the US and internationally. Supplemental heating targets specific areas of a building. Rather than increasing the output of a building’s main heating systems — which is often ineffective and always expensive — supplemental heating uses easily installed […]

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Radiant Heating Is More Energy Efficient Than Traditional Heating Systems

Cost-conscious home and business owners demand energy-efficient heating systems that can maintain a comfortable environment for less. And, as consumers become more sensitive to the environmental impact of unrestrained energy use, they turn to heating systems that efficiently convert energy to heat with minimal waste. CeramiCircuit™ Radiant Heating systems have been demonstrated to reduce energy […]

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Why Do Hospital Burn Units Use Infrared Radiant Heating?

Electric Heating For Burn Units

Serious burns are among the most difficult injuries to treat. To successfully treat burn injuries, the environment in a hospital burn unit must be precisely controlled. Radiant heat (also known as infrared heat) emits infrared energy. Unlike traditional heating, radiant heat doesn’t work by warming and circulating air. Instead it acts directly on people and […]

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Radiant Electric Heat Is Heating Up Hot Yoga

Electric Heating For Hot Yoga

Radiant Electric Heat, a Bedford Heights, Ohio based manufacturer of CeramiCircuitTM infrared radiant electric heaters, has provided “state-of-the-art” heating systems for Hot Yoga Studios all over the world. Hot Yoga is a popular health regimen that has been sweeping the fitness world. For those unfamiliar with Hot Yoga, the name comes from the fact that […]

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