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Radiant electric heating for residential homes eliminates the need for oil, gas or wood heat. REH Heaters are more energy efficient than convective heating systems, saving you money. Our heaters are virtually silent and don’t produce air or dust. Since REH Heaters are as easy to install as a light fixture, no expensive ductwork or filter cleaning is required.

Whether you’re building a new home, retrofitting a multi-family residence, or simply heating a cold spot inside your home, radiant heat panels are the right answer. No other system is as easy to install or as healthy for you as radiant electric heat.

Zoned thermostat controls make radiant heat one of the most cost-effective heating sources available. These controls allow you to turn down the thermostat for areas in your home that are seldom used. By only heating the rooms you occupy, you’ll quickly realize energy savings on your electric bill.

Radiant Electric Heat would be happy to engineer a Heat Loss Calculation for a new home construction, heat conversion, addition or just a cold spot at NO CHARGE. Simply call us at 1-800-774-4450 or email us at

This coming year my estimated cost for oil if I were to use it to heat my house would be well over $9,000, closer to $10,000. My estimated cost by using the radiant heaters should be in the vicinity of $4,700.
After our first winter using radiant heat, we are already thinking of adding more radiant panels throughout the house.
Brad H.,