Radiant Heating Is More Energy Efficient Than Traditional Heating Systems

Cost-conscious home and business owners demand energy-efficient heating systems that can maintain a comfortable environment for less. And, as consumers become more sensitive to the environmental impact of unrestrained energy use, they turn to heating systems that efficiently convert energy to heat with minimal waste.

CeramiCircuit™ Radiant Heating systems have been demonstrated to reduce energy consumption and costs, with typical energy bill savings of between 34% and 73%.

Radiant heating is an extremely energy efficient heating technology. Radiant Electric Heat’s CeramiCircuit™ heating units are available in a variety of configurations and intensities suitable for installation in any home, business, or institutional facility, providing contractors with a cost effective product to meet their clients’ demands for energy-efficient heating systems.

Heating Air Is Inefficient

Most traditional residential and business heating systems heat air which is then circulated to occupied areas of the building utilizing fans and blowers. In contrast, radiant heat directly warms people and objects, greatly reducing the heat energy lost in the process of delivery from the heat source, to the occupied space.

The energy-saving benefits of “cutting out the middle man” and warming people and objects directly shouldn’t be underestimated. A substantial amount of the energy wasted in traditional heating systems is a result of their reliance on convection.

Hot air rises, creating layers of hot and cold air. Heated air collects near ceilings, then falls to floor level when it cools. This stratification is an inevitable consequence of convection.

CeramiCircuit™ Cove and Ceiling Heaters are positioned at ceiling height, and project infrared heat down, heating the room from the floor up. Because Radiant Electric Heating units don’t rely on convection or forced air and heat people and objects directly, they can quickly and efficiently heat a space without wasting energy. An added benefit of CeramiCircuit’s™ ceiling placement is that furniture can be placed anywhere in the room without blocking the heat source and greatly reducing efficiency. A key benefit when heating smaller offices and apartments, student housing, and any confined space.

Reduced Thermostat Temperature, Same Comfort Levels

In addition to more efficient distribution of heat energy, rooms with CeramiCircuit™ Radiant Electric Heat provide greater comfort at lower thermostat settings.

Warm air transfers heat less efficiently to people than direct infrared heating. Systems that use air as the primary heat transfer medium are less effective at warming people and objects than radiant heat. They require higher thermostat settings — and greater energy use — to provide the same level of comfort and warmth. In fact, both the Department of Energy and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers state that people are comfortable at 4o 8o lower thermostat settings when using radiant versus convective heating systems.

Reduced energy use is a major factor for home-owners, builders, and businesses when choosing a heating system for their building.

With CeramiCircuit™ Infrared Radiant Heaters, heating suppliers and contractors can give their customers what they want — low-cost, convenient, easy-to-install heating systems that reduce energy consumption and heating costs.

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