REH Design Requirements

How to Choose the Right Radiant Heat System

How do I Choose Equipment

To determine a successful installation, we need some details about your structure. First, we use this information to calculate the rate of heat loss of your home or office. This result helps us determine how much radiant heat energy is needed to provide the comfort you expect. Then we can suggest the best combination of our products for your application and provide an accurate cost estimate.

STRUCTURE DETAILS: Please forward the following information when you contact us about heating your structure (or have on hand when contacting us):

  • Room dimensions
  • Room ceiling height
  • Number of exposed walls
  • Building materials (brick/wood)
  • Insulation values (wall/floor/ceiling)
  • Number of windows, size & type (double pane/low-e)
  • Doors opening to outside
  • Heated space above or below
  • Geographic location of the structure (city, state)
  • Is the radiant heat the primary heat source or a supplemental source?

A simple drawing of the area provides us with a layout for equipment recommendations and installation locations.