Radiant Electric Heat Is Heating Up Hot Yoga

Electric Heating For Hot Yoga

Electric Heating For Hot YogaRadiant Electric Heat, a Bedford Heights, Ohio based manufacturer of CeramiCircuitTM infrared radiant electric heaters, has provided “state-of-the-art” heating systems for Hot Yoga Studios all over the world. Hot Yoga is a popular health regimen that has been sweeping the fitness world.

For those unfamiliar with Hot Yoga, the name comes from the fact that the studio is heated up to 105o which produces additional benefits to the traditional yoga regime. It is documented that the additional heat helps to relax the muscles, and provide a more thorough and efficient work out. Practitioners also experience the release of toxins, improved flexibility and range of motion, weight loss, and increased stamina. Achieving such high indoor temperatures and preserving a healthy environment can be problematic. Attaining and maintaining this super-heated environment is why Radiant Electric Heat has become a very popular and effective solution.

The requirement for Hot Yoga is to maintain a high temperature consistently throughout the space during the workout session. Conventional hot air (convection) systems have great difficulty providing a consistent temperature at the floor level (where the workout is performed) due to the nature of heated air to rise, or stratify, where it is just wasted. Radiant Heat isn’t subject to stratification and can easily heat a studio to the desired temperature and do so evenly throughout the entire space. Although mounted high on the walls or ceilings, it heats from the floor up, creating even temperatures from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall. Heat loss through windows is also minimized because glass is opaque to infrared radiant heat, reflecting the heat energy back into the room. This is just the opposite of convective heating systems which experience dramatic losses, even through energy efficient windows.

There are also additional benefits of CeramiCircuitTM radiant electric heating panels. No mechanically heated air movement means no ‘wind-chill’ effect, no distribution of unhealthy bacteria or allergens, and no dry, desert like air. Radiant heat maintains normal humidity levels without the need for artificially introduced humidification. This eliminates the “rainforest effect” present in many convectively heated studios that require mechanical humidification to maintain comfort levels. With fast-acting CermiCircuitTM infrared radiant heaters the desired temperature in any space can be quickly and efficiently achieved.

Using a programmable controller, the temperature can be preset for scheduled sessions, then, set back for unoccupied time, greatly reducing energy costs. Savings with a CeramiCircuitTM heating system have been documented in a range of 34% to as high as 73% over other conventional heating systems. An added benefit and cost savings is that they are easy to install, as simply as a light fixture. This along with the energy savings, ten-year warranty, and no maintenance guaranty, provides for a system that is unequaled for Hot Yoga applications.

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