Healthcare Facilities

Radiant Electric Heat’s 1624P-SS Portable Heater is constructed out of stainless steel and is DME-cited and product approved. The 1624P-SS is also available by prescription.

If you or someone you know suffers from arthritis, allergies, or immunity deficiencies, radiant electric heat could help bring relief.

Many people with extreme chemical or environmental sensitivities find it difficult to use any other form of heater besides the radiant variety. While exposure to radiant heat is not a cure, it does provide comfort and warmth. Satisfied REH customers have written to us citing an “improved quality of life”.

In a medical environment it is very important to have a consistent room temperature. Our heaters offer a healthy and efficient way to heat a medical facility.

The elderly oftentimes find their home’s central heating system insufficient or inadequate. They will often choose radiant heating as a supplemental source of warmth and use its zone-control feature for cost efficiency. Many assisted living centers and retirement communities have chosen to install radiant heating as well.

Hospital Burn Rooms, where patients cannot have air blowing on them, are a perfect example where radiant heating can have soothing effects. The low temperature at which the heating element operates eliminates the “fried dust syndrome” of airborne contaminates burning on red-hot heating elements, which is common with other heating systems operating at higher temperatures.

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Healthcare Facilities