How to Control Your Radiant Heater

REH products can be easily controlled when a licensed electrician or contractor connects a thermostat from the power supply to the heater. According to the US Department of Energy, programmable thermostats can provide energy savings of up to 1% per degree per hour. See our Thermostats and Accessories page to view our thermostats.

Air Quality

Infrared radiant heating systems do not produce any hazardous or chemical particles when distributing heat throughout an area. If someone suffers from arthritis, allergies, or immunity deficiencies, radiant electric heat can help remedy the situation.

How to Find an Installer

Contact any local, licensed contractor to install your infrared radiant electric heating system. A licensed contractor can quickly and easily install your new infrared radiant heating system.

Safety Information

With almost any other form of heating system there is always some form of risk to the facility and those who occupy it. With many HVAC systems, combustible gases, solids and liquids such as propane, natural gas, heating oil, wood and organic pellets create a risk. Any system with combustible matter also has the added risk of asphyxiation due to the emission of exhaust fumes and adverse reactions to occupants with allergies and/or chemical sensitivities.

In regard to other convective electric heating systems, there is the inherent risk of burns to occupants and combustion of materials that come in contact with the units because of their high operating temperatures. Because of the low operating temperature and zero emission qualities of Radiant Electric Heat CeramiCircuit™ infrared radiant panels; burns, combustion and adverse individual reactions are not a factor.

Architects, Contractors and Engineers

Please visit our products page for in depth technical information about our heaters.