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Energy Efficiency1
  • Infrared energy heats people, not space. Find comfort at lower thermostat settings.
  • Low operating temperature. Less than 320° F on the element.

Save Energy with Radiant Heating

Like the sun, radiant heat directly warms objects with long wave electromagnetic energy.

CeramiCircuit™ infrared radiant panels, used in REH products, diffuse heating energy rays in a 160 degree arc and distribute warmth evenly. Our customers will never experience more than a 4 degree difference between floor-level and ceiling-level air temperature. Additionally, radiant heat warms a room faster and at lower temperature settings than other types of heating options.

The Energy Distribution Curve (above) shows the intensity of energy from a 1,000 watt heating unit at various angles.

Every installation of CeramiCircuit™ heaters is dependent on building structure. To recommend the proper equipment for your job or project, we’ve outlined some of the information we’ll need to know about your proposed or intended installation. Click here for installation instructions.

The diagram to the left illustrates how infrared heating works and how IR technology conserves energy.

Electric radiant heating is so energy efficient that it caused a change in the State of Wisconsin Building Code that permits lower insulation levels in new structures. And of course, REH offers a variety of product models that qualify for Wisconsin’s reduced requirements (currently in effect).

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For 14 years my family and I have lived in total comfort with ceramic radiant electric heat. The comfort it provides is outstanding. We don’t experience any cold spots, just constant, even heat.”
Vern N.,Wauwatosa, WI,