Cost Effective Heating

A CeramiCircuit™ Heating System: Easy to Install and Inexpensive to Operate

Radiant Electric Heat’s CeramiCircuit™ heaters are convenient and inexpensive to use. They heat up quickly, achieve their full desired temperature within five minutes and provide a constant temperature from floor to ceiling. Because the heaters provide an even distribution of heat, there are no drafts or cold spots.

In addition to being operationally efficient, our CeramiCircuit™ heaters are easy to install. Available in 120v, 208v, 240v, or 277v for convenient use, the heaters require no duct work, furnaces, or chimney – assuring installation costs less than nearly all other heating systems.

CeramiCircuit™ infrared panels are intended for permanent hard-wired installation. Each room is controlled separately with its own thermostat. This lets you increase or decrease the temperature in only the rooms you choose, helping to control heating costs. Panels can also be wired with programmable thermostats to allow for maximum savings.

A CeramiCircuit™ electric heating system may afford the user up to 73% lower operating costs than other conventional heating systems – including electric, oil, and yes, even gas.

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[vc_testimonial author=”Robert K.”]There was no heating system in place, so I chose to use radiant heating because of the low cost and ease of installation.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial author=”Wen B.” company=”, Estes Park, CO”]In nine years, with 100% REH, our annual electric bills have been $989-1,112; therefore, we’ve not yet averaged $100/month for electricity-i.e. $1,200/yr. When I finished the basement and put in the same type of REH, I expected a much higher electric bill – not so. Our bills didn’t change at all![/vc_testimonial]
Several Housing Authorities in Massachusetts Significantly Cut Costs with REH:
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