Compare Radiant Heating Systems

All Radiant Heaters Are Not Equal

 Our CeramiCircuit™ heaters can reach and maintain a higher temperature quicker than any competing brand. Look below for a comparison between the CeramiCircuit™ Model 632C and a competing brand’s Cove Heater:

CeramiCircuit™ Model 632C

585 Watts

10 minutes of continuous operation

Calrod Construction’s Heater

600 Watts

10 minutes of continuous operation

After ten minutes, the Model 632c (Right) is able to achieve a higher and more consistent operating temperature. The Model 632c also heats a greater amount of surface area than the Calrod Heater. Our heater does all of this while using less power, cutting down on your heating bill. Read the full comparison here.

  • The Model 632c produces a 93.2 degree higher temperature, a 4.2% larger emitting surface and a 2.5% lower watt usage than the Calrod Heater – This equates to a 52% output advantage for our CeramiCircuit™ radiant heater.