CeramiCircuit™ electric heaters work well in commercial settings. Whether you’re a contractor remodeling an office space in a historical building, or an individual looking to selectively heat a chilly area above your desk, radiant heat can help you achieve the comfortable working environment you desire. Our radiant electric heaters are extremely energy efficient, saving you money.

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After 20 years of inadequate heat, the Lay-In panels are a perfect solution. With an office in an older high rise building without thermopane glass, there were few good options. The Lay-In panels hidden in the ceiling provide a supplemental source of instant, comfortable and silent heat. Highly recommended to improve room comfort.


Plant managers are now using radiant heat. The industrial environment often benefits from infrared heat. For example, in a continuous line of processes like cooking or baking, there is a potential need for spot or zoned heat.

A tire processing facility found a rather unique use for REH products. Instead of warming people, our heaters are used to warm tires before they are mounted.

Apollo Hardwoods used our infrared heating system to dry wood faster with flatter components and less waste. With CeramiCircuit™ heating panels, they can produce more product, reduce waste and increase product volume.


We purchased four 1000 Watt units and had them installed. Since these units were installed the room temperature is around 120 F. The main thing is that the product that would not pour out of the drums will now pour and our manufacturing time per product was reduced by 50%. We will recover the cost of the units within a very short time.