CeramiCircuit 2’ x 2’ and 2’x4′ Lay-In Radiant Heating Panel

Radiant Electric Heat’s 2’x4’ Radiant Ceiling Panel is a powerful lay-in heating solution for rooms with drop ceilings.

Lay-in infrared ceiling panels are an easy-to-install, economical, and effective heating solution for homes, offices, stores, commercial and institutional buildings, hot yoga studios and other athletic facilities.

At 625 and 1250 Watts respectively, they are the most powerful 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ lay-in radiant heating units on the market, providing 67% greater heat output than the next most powerful options. Because Electric Heat’s ceiling panels are so much more powerful than competing units, they are ideally suited for heating large rooms with high ceilings.

As with all Radiant Electric Heats units, the 1624CL and 1648CL can be quickly and easily installed. Each heater is thermostatically controlled and requires no additional ducting or structural alteration.

Lay-in radiant electric ceiling panels can be used as the primary heating system or as supplemental heating to augment existing systems. Lay-in ceiling heaters are particularly effective when used for supplemental heating. They are the perfect solution for cold entryways and vestibules, reception areas, chilly north facing offices, spot heating individual cubicles, perimeter heating, and creating comfort in any area the existing heat runs cannot reach efficiently. CeramiCircuitTM Lay-in Ceiling panels are also very effective in many demanding applications in healthcare such as burn units, recovery areas, geriatric care and assisted living, dialysis centers, and anywhere that patient comfort and healing can be compromised by the negative effects of forced air heating.

Infrared energy warms people and objects in a room, not the air that surrounds them. When installed at ceiling height radiant heat evenly warms a room from the floor up, projecting infrared energy where it is most effective, directly to the occupants.  Convectively heated air rises to the ceiling, which means forced air and other convection-based heating systems waste a lot of energy — and money — heating unoccupied areas of the room. Radiant heat also achieves equivalent comfort levels at lower thermostat settings further reducing energy cost.

Radiant Electric Heat’s Lay-in ceiling panels can be controlled individually for smaller rooms or spot heating applications, or in any number for heating larger areas. This provides for the ability to have an infinite number of heating zones inside one facility, in effect, each room or area can be heated according to the needs of its occupants.

One very unique advantage of Radiant Electric Heat’s Lay-in Ceiling Panels is their ability to dramatically raise temperatures in a very short period of time. CeramiCicuitTM Radiant Electric Heaters have become the top choice of Hot Yoga Studios worldwide due to their ability to rapidly achieve 105O and higher, greatly reducing the cost of operation. Radiant heat also does this without super drying the air and blowing dust and allergens throughout the studio. They are also antibacterial and antimicrobial, wash down proof, hypoallergenic, and have the advantage of producing far infrared energy which has been proven to provide many health benefits.

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