Residential Heating

Infrared radiant electric heating for residential homes eliminate the bills for oil, gas or wood. Furthermore, your radiant electric heater does not produce irritating noise with blowing air and dust like a furnace and no expensive ductwork, filters or cleaning is required.

Whether for new home construction, home addition, multi-family retrofit, home remodeling, or simply heating a cold spot inside your home, radiant heat panels are the right answer. No other system is as easy to install or as healthy for you as radiant electric heat.

Zoned thermostat controls make radiant heat one of the most cost-effective heating sources available. By only heating the rooms you occupy, you’ll quickly realize energy savings on your electric bill. And it makes even more sense to turn down the thermostat for areas in your home that are seldom used.

Radiant Electric Heat would be happy to engineer a Heat Loss Calculation for a new home construction, heat conversion, addition or just a cold spot at NO CHARGE.

[vc_testimonial author=”Joe.G.”]This coming year my estimated cost for oil if I were to use it to heat my house would be well over $9,000, closer to $10,000. My estimated cost by using the radiant heaters should be in the vicinity of $4,700.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial author=”Brad H.”]After our first winter using radiant heat, we are already thinking of adding more radiant panels throughout the house.[/vc_testimonial]
commercial Heating

Our infrared radiant heating products get the job done in commercial areas. New office designs in a historical building to single space heating are just a couple of examples that demonstrate how infrared radiant heat can help you achieve the comfortable working environment you desire. Furthermore, infrared radiant electric heat can be an extremely efficient, cost savings alternative to heating your commercial building.

We can help with yours!

industrial Heating

More and more, plant managers are warming up to the idea of radiant heat. The industrial environment is increasingly becoming homes for radiant electric products.

For example, for a continuous line of processes like cooking or baking, there is a potential need for spot or zoned heat. A tire processing facility found a rather unique use for REH products. Instead of warming people, our heaters are used in warming tires before they are mounted.

Apollo Hardwoods found our infrared heating system to be the answer for faster drying, flatter components and less waste in their wood drying process. With these three benefits, they can produce more product, reduce waste and increase volume thus increasing sales and profit margins.

[vc_testimonial author=”Sun Chemical”]We purchased four 1000 Watt units and had them installed. Since these units were installed the room temperature is around 120 F. The main thing is that the product that would not pour out of the drums will now pour and our manufacturing time per product was reduced by 50%. We will recover the cost of the units within a very short time.[/vc_testimonial]
Institutional Customers
Here are just a few of our institutional customers…
  • Arlington Housing Authority; Arlington, MA
  • Ashtabula Housing Authority; Ashtabula, OH
  • Bridgewater Housing Authority; Bridgewater, MA
  • Burlington Housing Authority; Burlington, MA
  • Center for Disability Services; Albany, NY
  • Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority; Cleveland, OH
  • Department of Corrections; Trenton, NJ
  • First Evangelical Lutheran Church; Grand Rapids, MN
  • Harvard University
  • Housing Authority of Elizabethtown; Elizabethtown, KY
  • Jersey Shore University Medical Center
  • King Country Housing Authority; Seattle, WA
  • Lighthouse Baptist Church; Holbrook, MA
  • Love Tabernacle; Milwaukee, WI
  • Main Street Houses; South Fallsburg, NY
  • Montana State University
  • National Park Service
  • New London Housing Authority; New London, CT
  • Pennsylvania Trolley Museum; Washington, PA
  • Plum Healthcare Group; San Marcos, CA
  • Revere Housing Authority; Revere, MA
  • San Francisco Airport Commission; San Francisco, CA
  • St Joseph Church; Providence, RI
  • Stanford University
  • State University of New York
  • University of Alaska – Fairbanks
  • University of California – San Diego, – Riverside, – Berkeley
  • University of Ohio – Miami
  • University of Rhode Island
  • US Geological Survey
  • Valley View Nursing Home; Frenchtown, NJ
  • Vernon Housing Authority; Vernon, CT
  • Westerly Housing Authority; Westerly, RI
  • Weston Community Housing; Weston, MA
  • YMCA; Metuchen, NJ
Healthcare Facilities

Radiant Electric Heat’s Model 1624SS Portable Heater, made of stainless steel construction, is DME-cited, product approved, and available by prescription.

If you or someone you know suffer from arthritis, allergies, or immunity deficiencies radiant electric heat could help remedy the situation. Also, for your information, REH portable models are available by prescription.

Many people with extreme chemical or environmental sensitivities or deficiencies find it impossible to use any other form of heater besides the radiant variety. While it certainly is not a cure, it most definitely is a comfort. Satisfied customers of REH have written to us citing an “improved quality of life”.

In a medical environment it is very important to have a consistent room temperature. It benefits the patient and medical staff with a healthy, efficient way to heat a medical facility.

The elderly in particular oftentimes find their home’s central heating system to be insufficient or inadequate. They’ll choose radiant heating as a supplemental source of warmth and use its zone-control feature for cost efficiency. You’ll find many assisted living centers and retirement communities have chosen to install radiant heating as well.

Hospital Burn Rooms, where patients cannot have air blowing on them, are a perfect example where radiant heating can have soothing effects. The low temperature at which the heating element operates eliminates the “fried dust syndrome” of airborne contaminates burning on red-hot heating elements, which is so common with other heaters operating at higher temperatures.


A two or three car garage can be a large, expensive area to heat. With our energy efficient units and easy installation, a homeowner can make a temperature comfortable area with a small investment.


Wood shops can especially benefit from infrared radiant electric heat. Because the operating temperature of our units is below the flash point for wood dust, a wood shop can stay warm without worrying about hazardous conditions.


Hot Yoga

What are the benefits of using a Radiant Electric Heat CeramiCircuit™ system in your studio:

  1. Extremely energy efficient and cost effective to operate.
  2. Ability to finitely zone and control the heating of individual rooms and spaces.
  3. Rapidly achieve the high temperatures of 105° and more that are required throughout the studio.
  4. Maintain even temperatures throughout the studio with little or no stratification. With other systems temperatures can vary by as much as 15° throughout the studio.
  5. Our systems are easy and cost effective to install, much like a light fixture. No expensive building alterations, ductwork, hydronic lines or centralized equipment.
  6. SAFE! With a CeramiCircuit™ system there is no combustion, no high heat, no exhaust gases or carbon emissions and no dust or allergens.

Contact us for more information on how your studio can offer the ultimate Hot Yoga experience.